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Located conveniently within the main foyer of the hospital, Leading Edge Physical Therapy provide a comprehensive, patient-focused physiotherapy service. They provide care for patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery whilst they are in hospital, and also provide an outpatient service in their well appointed rooms on the ground floor. They provide rehabilitation services in the form of Pilates classes (both individual and group sessions) and hydrotherapy classes at the nearby Findon Swim School on Grange Road.


They work closely with the medical and specialist teams at the Western SportsOrtho and GP Practice to ensure you have a seamless recovery from your problems. They work with national and local sporting teams, as well as local schools and community groups.


At Leading Edge Physical Therapy, the team believes in building better bodies so you can do great things. Great things mean something different to everyone, so if you want to run a marathon without that tight calf, work in the garden without that stiff lower back, bike to work without that stiff hip, finish the working day without that headache or improve your rehab after surgery, then your team at Leading Edge Physical Therapy will help.

For more information please call 08 8159 1300 or Visit:

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