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Admission times to Western Hospital vary and are arranged by your doctor at the time of booking your stay with us. We request that in order to minimise the waiting times on your day of admission that you complete your admission forms prior to your admission day. Western Hospital Online Admission Forms can be accessed via the link below.



Alternatively, you can complete the downloadable PDF form and either email these to,  personally deliver these forms to our reception team or post to:


PO Box 81 
Henley Beach SA 5022

You can download these forms here

Patient Accommodation


Western Hospital is proud to boast that there are 53 private rooms with ensuites available. Subject to bed availability and time of admission, patients have a choice between these private rooms or shared accommodation.

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate your needs, there may be times when we are busy where we may not be able to meet your requests. However, these times are rare due to the generous amount of private rooms.

Pre-Admission (Before you are admitted)


The Pre Admission Service is staffed by specialist Registered Nurses who are able to discuss your surgery, hospital requirements, admission processes and discharge planning. Patients are able to attend the clinic in person, or discuss their requirements over the phone.

In addition, all patients are welcome to tour the hospital at any time through this clinic. Pre admission clinic appointments can be made during office hours on (08) 8159 1200. 


Alternatively, our pre-admission nurse will contact you and arrange an appropriate time to discuss your admission needs.


Admissions (Entry to Western Hospital)


Upon arrival at the hospital (where there is ample free car parking), please proceed to the Main Reception Desk located within the foyer for admission.

What to bring into hospital

  • Health Insurance Membership Card

  • WorkCover, Pension or Veteran's Affairs card

  • Pharmaceutical Entitlement Card

  • Medicare Card

  • Your current medications

  • Current X-rays that are related to your admission

  • Night wear, dressing gown, slippers

  • Personal toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, comb)

  • Child's favourite toy (if applicable)


What not to bring into hospital

  • Talcum Powder (this creates a slipping hazard for patients and staff)

  • Hairdryers, shavers or other items that may create an electrical hazard

  • Large amounts of money, credit cards, mobile phones, jewellery. The hospital does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.

If you are unsure whether you can bring an item, please contact our friendly hospital staff.




Western Hospital's discharge time is 10.00am and we request that you make arrangements to leave the hospital at this time so we may prepare for incoming patient admissions. If you are unable to leave at this time you may be requested to wait in one of our many patient waiting areas within the hospital. Prior notification is required if you are unable to be discharge at 10.00am.


Financial Information

Your hospital account will be forwarded directly to your health fund, however you may receive several accounts for medical, surgical or allied health following your discharge.


Out of Pocket Expenses

Your health insurance fund may not cover:

  • Medical Gaps

  • STD Phone Calls

  • Discharge Medication

  • Hire of Equipment

  • Incidental Bandages / Stockings

These charges are payable by you upon discharge from hospital.

Note: Patients who have an excess or co-payment as part of their health insurance cover will need to pay this prior to being admitted to hospital.

To avoid unexpected out of pocket expenses, we advise you to contact your health fund to check your level of cover and to discuss potential expenses with your doctor prior to your admission.


Uninsured Patients


Patients who are uninsured are required to pay an estimate of their hospital stay in advance, with the balance payable upon discharge. This must be arranged prior to admission. Estimates and special financial arrangements can be made by contacting the Health Fund Validator on (08) 8159 1102.

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