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Western Hospital's Day Surgery Unit is a dedicated and self contained unit specifically designed for people undergoing procedures which do not require an overnight stay in hospital. Most patients are discharged within a few hours of their procedure.


All day patients have ensuite facilities and in most cases, a private room.


Admission times at Western Hospital vary and are usually arranged by your doctor at the time of booking your procedure.

Pre-admission Nursing Service

Patients undergoing surgical procedures will be contacted by the pre admission nurse to confirm your booking and to discuss your health history with you. You may be required to present to the hospital for a pre admission interview with the nurse or in most cases, this can be completed with a phone call.


If you have any concerns regarding your surgery, please contact the pre admission nurse on (08) 8159 1200.


Endoscopy enables a doctor to see inside your oesophagus (gullet), stomach and duodenum, through a narrow optic fibre lens inserted through your mouth. if your doctor suspects something may be wrong with your stomach, oesophagus or duodenum, an endoscopy may help in the diagnosis of the problem and help determine the best treatment. Ulcers and inflammation are the most common causes of discomfort.


Colonoscopy is a procedure which enables the doctor to see inside your large bowel. Unlike X-Rays which take "photographs", colonoscopy allows the doctor see the surfaces inside the bowel directly and can provide far more detail and accuracy than X-Ray.


Your doctor will usually request a colonoscopy when he/she suspects that something may be wrong with your bowel. Bleeding and diarrhoea are the most common reasons. The results will reveal exactly what is wrong, and help the doctor to treat you in the most effective way. In certain cases, treatment is possible through the instrument, thereby avoiding an operation. For example, biopsies or removal of polyps can be performed during colonoscopy. However, increasingly this procedure is being used for screening of persons at higher risk of bowel problems.


The procedure is performed in the Endoscopy Suite, which is part of the Day Procedure Suite.

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