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Bus Routes

Information regarding bus routes can be obtained from the main reception desk.


Free Car Parking

Ample car parking is available in the main carpark at the hospital entrance. Disabled carparks are also available within close proximity to the entrance.

A patient set-down area at the front area is provided - however drivers are requested not to leave their vehicles as this is also the ambulance set down point.



A Dietitian is available on site for referrals from your treating doctor. Nursing staff can arrange for consultations.


Courtside Cafe

The Shoppe is located on the ground floor adjacent to the main reception area. Internal and external seating is available. Visitors, patients and staff are welcome to use this dining facility which serves coffee, tea and light meals.



Mail is delivered to your room daily by one of our lovely volunteers.



Newspapers are delivered daily to your room at no charge.



A consultant Physiotherapist is available for referrals from your treating doctor. Nursing staff can arrange for these consultations.



In line with the established Western Hospital core values we take the security of our patients, staff, contractors and visitors very seriously and endeavour to provide a secure environment at all times promoting care and wellness. Security Guards are employed for all consumers comfort.



Each overnight bed is equipped with a telephone and there is no charge for local calls. For all calls, dial 0 first.



Each bed is equipped with a television, and is provided for every inpatient free of charge.



There are direct telephone lines to metropolitan taxi services located in the main foyer.


Therapeutic Massage

A Remedial Massage Therapist is available to inpatients that require massage as part of their therapy regime.

Money & Valuables

With the exception of fees to be paid upon admission, please do not bring large sums of money, jewellery or valuables as Western Hospital cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.



Smoking is not permitted within the hospital or hospital grounds.


Cultural Differences

If you require special assistance with your specific needs, please contact the Bookings Officer on (08) 8159 1105 during office hours to arrange for your special needs to be met.


Interpreter Service

An interpreter service is available upon request. Call the Bookings Office on (08) 8159 1105 to arrange for this service prior to admission.


Fire & Emergency

Regular Fire Drills are conducted within the hospital. These drills are intended to ensure your safety if alarms are activated. These drills will not affect you, however a nurse can assist you if you are bothered by the noise of these drills.



Children have very special needs and Western Hospital is committed to ensuring that your child's stay is as pleasant as possible. As Day Patients, the hospital stay is brief and we request that a parent should remain with the child during this period.


Overnight children admissions are welcomed and parents are encouraged to board with children overnight. Fold up beds are available for this purpose with no charge incurred to the parent.


Insured Patient

If you are a member of a registered health fund, we can claim from the fund on your behalf and you will only be required to pay those costs not covered by your fund, such as an excess gap, at the time of your admission.


Additional charges incurred during your stay are payable on discharge.


You are advised to check with your health fund prior to admission to ascertain your level of cover and determine if you are likely to incur out-of-pocket expenses.


Uninsured Patients

If you are not insured with a registered health fund, you will need to meet the total estimated cost of your hospitalisation at the time of, or prior to your admission.


Workers Compensation
Third Party / Public Liability Insurance Patients

Please complete all the details on your admission form and bring your appropriate insurance claims number to the hospital on admission.

Please Note: You are personally liable for the hospital payment if your account has not been paid within 60 days.

If you request a private room, a daily fee applies, which is payable in advance on admission and is not covered by the insurance company.

We will require confirmation from the Third Party, stating acceptance of the claim prior to your admission to Western.

If you have any queries, please contact our Health Fund Validator on (08) 8159 1200 during office hours.



Please Note: Medicare does not contribute to the cost of your stay whilst in a private hospital.


Financial Enquiries

If you have any concerns regarding the costs to be incurred please contact our Health Fund Validator on (08) 8159 1200 during office hours.

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