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Western Hospital’s Theatre and Recovery wards are fully equipped to manage your surgical and post-operative requirements.


Our fully trained and experienced staff will ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible; and will provide them with all the necessary support and information before, during and after their surgical procedure.


The types of specialist surgical procedures performed at Western include:

• Breast/endocrine

• Ear, nose and throat

• Gastroenterology (endoscopy/colonoscopy)

• General surgery

• Gynaecology

• Ophthalmology (eye)

• Oral and maxillofacial

• Orthopaedic

• Plastic/reconstructive

• Urology

• Vascular

ICU - Intensive Care Unit:

A new fully equipped six bed Intensive Care Unit coupled with a High Dependency Unit is staffed by Intensive Care Physicians and Staff Medical Officers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The ICU ensures that all patients requiring admission to Western Hospital can be managed regardless of the complexity of their surgery or health status.


Western Hospital is now the only private ICU Unit in the Western suburbs.

High Dependency Unit

Our fully equipped High Dependency Unit is for patients who require intensive post-operative care and monitoring. The unit is staffed by registered nurses who have extensive training, expertise and experience in critical care nursing. Depending on the reason for admission to High Dependency and the surgical procedure performed, patients normally only spend 24-48 hrs in the unit before being transferred to one of our private rooms.


Day Procedure Unit

Our Day Procedure Unit is a modern and private facility for patients having procedures which do not require overnight hospitalisation.


The unique layout of this unit ensures that the privacy and confidentiality of patients is respected. Private rooms are offered to all day patients (where clinical activity permits).


Day surgery is available to both privately insured and self-funded (no health insurance) patients.


If you require hospitalisation and you are self-funded, please discuss this with your medical officer, then phone the hospital on 8159 1200 for a quote.

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