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Standard 2: Partnering With Consumers

Western Hospital has a long history of providing healthcare services to the western suburbs and broader community of South Australia over many years. The culture of community and consumer engagement continues to be an integral part of our commitment to safe, quality healthcare and services.

We understand the importance of patient and family involvement in the planning and delivery of their healthcare to promote a partnership that has one goal – providing excellent healthcare.

We actively promote and encourage patients to let us know what they think about their experiences whilst receiving the care and service we provide, valuing all feedback as a way to find more ways to improve. We encourage patients to speak to staff so we can resolve any concerns straight away if possible, but if not we will make sure we follow them  up and give a response after investigating. 

If you would like to provide feedback directly to our consumer representatives, please do so using our consumers email address:

We also have opportunities for patients to be involved in Consumer Focus groups, reviewing patient information brochures and undertaking shorter specific surveys.

If you would like to be involved in these groups please contact by completing the section below. 

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