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Standard 1: Governance for Safety & Quality in Health Services Organisations.

At Western Hospital we are committed to ensuring we provide safe and quality healthcare and services to all of our consumers. Whilst we have a proven record of delivering quality patient care and managing risks, we continually look for ways to improve. Through a focus on evaluating our performance, listening to  and actively seeking feedback from our patients (and their families) and assisting our staff, visiting doctors and allied health staff to provide safe and quality care we believe we are an organisation who values and understands our consumers’ needs and expectations for their healthcare. 

Our Board of Directors, Medical Committee and Quality and Safety Committee strive at all times to fulfill their governance responsibilities by demonstrating strong strategic leadership in safety and quality, through monitoring and responding to the performance evaluations of patient care systems.

We are committed to clinical risk management through our clinical policy frameworks, encouraging our staff to report incidents, risks and near misses and our Incident Management policy which outlines how we review and investigate incidents that occur. 

We have processes in place to ensure we have an effective and competent workforce, through credentialing, checking, and ensuring that the education and competency requirements are up to date, current and are met.

We are proud of our ongoing achievements in safety and quality, meeting the healthcare standards (EQUiPNational) of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) and The Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

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