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COVID-Safe Check-In

All persons must sign in and upload their relevant contact details using the South Australian Government’s approved contact tracing system COVID-SAFE CHECK-IN when entering the hospital.

Before you come into the hospital please download the mySA GOV app (no login or sign up is required to use the check-in). This is recommended to ensure a seamless and prompt check-in at Western Hospital and other locations as you will only need to enter your details and complete the verification process the first time you use any COVID-SAFE CHECK-IN at any location when using the mySA GOV app. Please note: You can still check-in using your smart phone camera, although you will need to upload your details and complete verification each and every time you use COVID-SAFE CHECK-IN.

Upon arrival, please ensure that you have your smart phone ready and that you opened your mySA GOV app and the COVID-SAFE CHECK-IN tile or if you do not have the app you have your camera open. Scan the Hospital’s COVID-SAFE CHECK-IN entry QR Code that is displayed in multiple locations at the hospital’s entrance and a secure web form will open. Please follow the prompts to complete verification and check-in. Show your check-in pass on your smart phone screen to our staff as they complete your temperature screening.

A paper recording log is available as a back-up for people who don’t have a smart phone.

Please refer to the link below for more information:

Download • 272KB


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