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ACHS Accreditation Success for Western Hospital

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), Australia's leading Independent authority on health care, has recognised the high-quality care given to patients at Western Hospital by awarding its accreditation through the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

Western Hospital CEO Kathy Nagle said, “Accreditation was a rigorous, consumer-focused program which measured how effective our organisation was in terms of patient care”.

"ACHS accreditation sends a clear message to the community that Western Hospital, its management and staff, are committed to excellence in health care with a strong and continuous focus on safety, quality and performance. Western Hospital commends all involved, but particularly the consumers for their contribution, not only during the assessment and evaluation process, but also for their support and commitment to quality through continuing dialogue and improvement initiatives”.

“By listening to the community's requirements and expectations of Western Hospital, we have identified and carried out necessary improvements. We are aware that consumers today demand high standards of health care and we are pleased and proud that Western Hospital has been recognised for meeting these expectations”.

Accreditation is used by health care organisations to continuously improve the quality of care they deliver to the community. Organisations must demonstrate during either a three or four-year period how they have improved their services.

“The fact that Western Hospital has achieved ACHS accreditation with no recommendations for any of the NSQHS Standards or criteria, is a strong recognition of everyone's input into the accreditation process and continuous focus on safety, quality care”.

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